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My name is Cristian and I am a iOS, MacOS software developer - Objective-C and Swift.

You can see my apps on the MacOS and iOS Appstore.

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About me!

My Life as Software developer


I graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology and now I am taking a master's degree in Computer Science at Ghent University from Belgium.
After graduation, I would love to develop more and more apps for the macOS and iOS to share my ideas and cool things with Apple users.
Thank you to all the Apple users who are using my apps, the revenue is helping sustain myself at the university. Thank you!


Most of the apps I did develop, were done by observing the needs that an Apple, macOS, or iOS user has.
Also, you can see my upcoming projects and repositories on my Github profile, since I am an active user of the developer's community.
Recently I managed to create a company in Belgium called N.B.O and I hope my new business will go well.


For the moment I can't say that I've had so many accomplishments because most of my time I do university research and coding - updating my active apps from the Apple AppStore.
Some notable accomplishments so far, I have the highest degree in software development at the Warsaw University of Technology and at Ghent University I am a team leader at various programming learning projects as a volunteer (btw, I love helping people out - it makes me feel awesome)
A small inside of my private life: Recently I met the love of my life here in Belgium. Her name is Flo. She came to study also a master's degree in Computer Science at Ghent University. From the first moment I saw her I knew that she is the one for me. I can say such: "The greatest achievement in my life thus far has been to love you and be loved by you."

Some nice things about me:

"Coding has no limit"

Here you can find some key things about me:Here you can find some key things about me:

  • Ambitious and self learning person

  • A person who loves to be a volunteer, teaching and helping others

  • Privacy freedom fighter

Some things I love and learn about

Zone of Interests

Privacy Policy

All the applications developed for the iOS or MacOS Appstore does not store, share or collect any telemetrics or user data using any frameworks like AppCenter, HockeyApp, or by any other private frameworks or private code. All information gathered during the customer support emails will not be shared or sold to any 3rd party. The support emails and the whole conversation is kept until the support ticket is closed. After the support ticket is closed the whole conversation emails are deleted from the support email address. I am a privacy freedom fighter and privacy is an important factor to me.

Terms of Use

By using the applications developed by me, you agree with the following: All the applications developed for the iOS or MacOS Apple Appstore that are using IAP (Apple In-App Purchase System) use auto-renew subscriptions for the free trial option. Don't like subscriptions? You can always purchase the lifetime license of the applications. With the lifetime license purchase, the price paid by the end-user is for using the application as long as it wants (Buy once, use it forever!). The free trial option will use an auto-renew subscription that will auto-renew yearly unless is canceled. The applications will receive updates as soon as bugs are reported by users or identified by me. Also, I am using the Xcode app crash log system to identify and fix any wired bugs. All the users who are using my applications can have a free support for any related problems in regards to apps.

Refund information: The transactions for the applications available in the iOS or MacOS Apple AppStore are processed by Apple payment systems. You can request a refund, in accordance with the Apple AppStore Refund Policy, for any of the purchases done using the iOS or MacOS Apple AppStore.
To receive a refund please follow the steps from the official Apple website:

Cancel Subscription: To cancel a subscription you must follow the steps from the official Apple website:

If you have any problems receiving a refund or if you any have questions, complaints or claims about the "Terms of Use" please contact me at: [email protected]

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Please send me all your inquiries at [email protected] and I would love to help you with.